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Here's a representative sampling of what clients and colleagues have written about Frank Mannarino, founder of Emoshuns, Inc.:

1) Personal and Professional Growth

"I would like to inform you of some of the outstanding changes and contributions Mr. Mannarino has made both personally and professionally and the phenomenal work he is doing today with adolescent substance abusers.

He is an outstanding counselor due to his natural insight... always professional, always showed the patients and their families respect. He has incredible individual counseling skills.

Because of Mr. Mannarino's past history, he is able to reach the children at a gut level. Mr. Mannarino has credibility with a population that is, at best, distrustful of any elder. Because of the trust Mr. Mannarino evokes in his teen age caseload, he is able to perform interventions most others cannot. I have personally witnessed virtual miracles performed on this population with Mr. Mannarino as part of the treatment team.

Throughout our relationship, I have watched Frank work extremely hard at personal, spiritual and professional growth. I can honestly say that in my years as a professional, few have made as dramatic a change.

I would like to offer an extremely positive recomendation for Mr. Mannarino's professional work. I feel it is in Frank's nature to always keep children's best interests in mind and heart."

     - Wayne E. Rothwell, A.C.S.W., Amityville, New York
        Member of EMOSHUNS Team


2) Counseling Services for Teens and Young Adults

"I am writing this letter to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Whenever I needed you, you were there to help me. You would put things aside to have a session with me, even if other things were a bit more important.

I always knew you wouldn't co-sign my B.S. and that you would tell me what I needed to hear. Sometimes all of the other staff would show me compassion or sympathy and let me slide.

You would always sympathize and let me know you fully understood, but you never let me slide. If it wasn't for most of the structure you provided for me, I would have probably split by now.

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be on your caseload for most of my treatment. You really did prepare me so that I will make it. Thank you."

     - Bob McC., New York


3) Counseling Services for Teens and Young Adults

"Thank you for all that you have done for me. I know I haven't always been grateful, but looking back I really am.

You have been my counselor for basically my whole treatment and I have benefitted a lot."

     - Bob B., New York


4) Dedication and Inspiration

"I am a Registered Nurse employed by Outreach House, a residential substance abuse program for adolescents. The length of stay for the average adolescent is 12-18 months. As you can well imagine, dealing with a client base of adolescent substance abusers requires an exceptionally dedicated human being. Mr. Mannarino is an exceptionally dedicated individual.

As a senior staff member of Outreach House, part of my responsibilities were to oversee the direct care providers for the clients. The major portion of treatment for these kids including intensive 1:1 counseling was provided by the Substance Abuse Counselors (SACs). Serving in that capacity, Mr. Mannarino provided both leadership, compassion and, above all, a positive role model for an adolescent population short on positive influences.

Prior to accepting the Senior Staff position at Outreach House, I was a Police Officer assigned to the Emergency Service Unit of the New York City Police Department. Having spent some twenty years as a Police Officer in New York City, I have worked closely with Mr. Mannarino on a daily basis and have seen first hand his dedication and inspiration."

     - Michael Stapleton, Reg. Nurse, Retired NYC Police Officer


5) Personal and Professional Growth

"I have known Frank Mannarino for three years. I have seen him struggle through his recovery and his education and still be there to help others in their recovery.

He takes his recovery seriously, always takes time to speak to others and always carries the message to the sick and suffering.

I can tell you that Frank has been there for me when I was going through some difficult times.

He uses his experiences and what he has learned in school to help others. He is currently working very hard in a profession that helps others help themselves."

     - Matthew Lamia, New York


6) Recovery and Change

"I am a recovering alcoholic happily and gratefully approaching five years of sobriety. I have been married for three and one half years and have a two month old daughter. I work for the City of New York in and around the South Bronx.

I have known Frank Mannarino for three years. He has shown me how strongly he feels about this thing called recovery and change, and solidified my belief that I might be on the right track.

Knowing Frank for these three years has had nothing but a positive effect on my life and I'm sure on all others around him.

Frank brings deep insight and strength to his work as a counselor."

     - Berny K., Valley Stream, New York


7) Courageous Positive Growth

"I have known Mr. Frank Mannarino for more than four years. Within that period of time, with support from Frank, I have fostered and advanced my education.

I am presently licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the New York Stock Exchange and a member in good standing in the National Association of Securities Dealers.

Frank Mannarino has helped me in ways that words cannot explain and it is our binding relationship that has a lot to do with such courageous positive growth within me."

     - Roy F., Great Neck, New York


8) Attain Realistic Goals

"I have known Frank Mannarino for approximately 5 years. Our first meeting was on a professional level (I was his counselor).

One of Frank's strong characteristics is his diligent work, on himself, to build and maintain his honesty. I have seen it develop and grow both on a personal and professional level. In the past 4 years, I have not encountered one act of dishonesty between us. I have also worked very closely with him, and took part in hiring Frank at "Friends of Bridge Inc.," a community based drug rehabilitation facility in Nassau County, New York.

Frank proved to have a very keen ability to understand and evaluate people. He is empathetic and understanding of people's needs, and is a tremendous help to his clients in helping them attain realistic goals. His skills are especially useful with adolescents, and combined with his charming and personable communication skills has made him a refreshing asset to the field of substance abuse counseling.

On a more personal note, Frank Mannarino is the only client I ever become a personal friend of in my 12 years of working in the mental health field. He has proven to be an asset to his community, and is highly respected and trusted by myself and my family."

     - John Bilotta, Daytona Beach, Florida


9) Substance Abuse Counseling

"Thank you for all the help you have given me. It has really helped.

I can honestly say I don't want to get high anymore. Thank you for all your devotion. You were always there for me and the group."

     - Sherri H., New York


10) Public Service

"Enclosed please find a copy of the "Dialogue 101" program you taped in our studio with our Director of News and Public Affairs.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us, and our audience, your knowledge of treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Best wishes in all your efforts! It was a pleasure meeting you! I hope I have the opportunity to do so again some time in the near future!"

     - Mary C. Regel, Producer of Public Affairs, CBS Radio


11) Dept. of Transportation / Dept. of Motor Vehicles

"I'm writing to let you know I received my [driver's] license in the mail today. Thanks for your help.

I originally came to you just to satisfy the motor vehicle department's mandate, but through the process of meeting with you, discussing my issues, learning about alcohol abuse, and taking advantage of your skills as a therapist, I got much more out of our time together than I ever would have thought.

Thanks again, Frank. If there's ever anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask."

     - Jaime B., New York


12) Forensic Court Evaluations

"I went to court last Friday and was sentenced. The judge gave me 3 years probation and a $1500 fine. I was relieved.

As you know the crime I was convicted of, (grand Larceny), could have landed me in prison for 5 years. Thanks to your excellent investigation, evaluation, and letter to the judge, however, I was spared the maximum sentence.

I was really scared standing before the judge. The prosecutor was saying some really mean things trying to make me out to be a really bad guy. Thank God my lawyer had your letter to present showing that I'm really not that bad.

Thank you again and please be assured I learned my lesson."

     - Duane G., Hewlett, New York


13) Relationship/Marriage Counseling

"We wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate what you have done for our relationship, although mere words cannot possibly express our gratitude.

When we needed you most, you were there. Always ready to listen to our concerns, always ready to offer your expert advice, and always ready to help our relationship flourish.

As you are well aware, when we first contacted you our relationship was rocky. We were confused, lost, unsure of our roles with each other, and frightened for the future of our bond.

But, from the first session, you were able to relieve our anguish and help us begin a process that has taken us to a place we would have never thought possible.

Today we are happy! We are happy with ourselves, happy with our life together, and happy for our future.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

     - Robert and Patricia, Oceanside, New York


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