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EMOSHUNS provides emotional healthcare counseling nationwide by e-mail exchange. We want you to:

"Feel Better, Look Better, Take Back Your Life!"

Frank Mannarino and the EMOSHUNS Team is devoted to improving emotional health and well-being for you and loved ones who are living with normal, everyday struggles - struggles we all face in our interpersonal relationships, our work relationships, and the daily challenges of "living life on life's terms."

We're also devoted to providing emotional healthcare assistance for more complex issues related to stress, alcohol and drug abuse and dependency, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.

Custom, guaranteed e-mail replies to your messages of concern written by experienced, proven, licensed professionals.

Individually-written, supportive, self-empowering, health-promoting.

When you click a "Buy Now" button below, a secure page at PayPal (world leader in secure, online payments) enables you to use the credit card of your choice, or your checking account, to guarantee a specified number of counseling messages.

After guaranteeing your E-Mail Counseling message(s) via PayPal, you'll return to a special page within emoshuns.com to submit the first (or next) message to which you're guaranteed a personal and professional response.

EMOSHUNS E-Mail Counseling messages are sent within 48 hours of receipt, often much sooner.

(1) ONE E-Mail Counseling Message:  $25.

(5) FIVE E-Mail Counseling Messages:  $100.

(10) TEN E-Mail Counseling Messages:  $175.

Note: Our e-mail address for payments is: billing@emoshuns.com

For more information about EMOSHUNS E-Mail Counseling, please see our Contact page, or call: 1-516-521-3405.

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"Feel Better, Look Better, Take Back Your Life!"

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