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Forensic Court Evaluations

After a conviction or plea, it is important to have and make available a comprehensive, defense-oriented, pre-sentencing report so the court can make an informed decision.

In order to insure all mitigating cognitive and emotional issues relating to behavior are available and presentable to the court, a thorough forensic evaluation needs to be facilitated by professionals with the skills to clearly and completely document a client's psychosocial history.

The EMOSHUNS Team of Forensic Specialists possesses unique qualifications necessary to insure clients get the best opportunity for a desired outcome.

    - Licensed and experienced clinicians conduct exhaustive and comprehensive investigative interviews with clients and significant others designed to gather entire life histories.

    - Specialty medical providers and psychiatrists conduct in-depth medical and psychiatric evaluations to further gather valuable information.

    - Senior management team members utilize the information gathered to develop a clear bio-psycho-social picture of our clients based on genetic, biological, psychological, environmental, and familial factors leading to behavior.

    - Attorneys and legal support staff translate the information gathered into clear, concise reports formatted appropriately for presentation to the court.

Armed with reports prepared by the EMOSHUNS Team of Forensic Specialists, defense attorneys and clients are confident that all mitigating circumstances will be taken into account prior to court action.

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Offices for Emoshuns, Inc. are located in the New York metropolitan area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Interview services are available 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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For more information about our Forensic Court Evaluations, please see our Contact page, or call: 1-516-521-3405.

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